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Corey 1993 m

莆田市的一个故事 2014/02/16

language variety: 莆田小片 Pútián莆仙 Púxiān閩語 Mǐn漢語系 Sinitic漢藏語系 Sino-Tibetan

location: 莆田市 Pútián City福建省 Fújiàn

uploaded by: cdmshrs 2014/02/16

I’d change the set meal on my phone every year before I head home,because
sth like texts would usually go crazy during new year.I need to text to friends
to say Happy New Year when it comes to the right time.But every time I’d
come across some embarrassing thing.For example,dunno who is texting to me.
I dare not to ask,which makes it a problem.As for me,I’d send about
50 to 60 texts every year to may others happy,
and receive 30 to 40 ones.And there are always some
texts that I have no idea where it comes from.
Usually there are 3 possible reasons.I deleted him.He changed his number without telling me.
And I’ve never saved his number.
Every time I receive a text from unknown numbers,
I’d just respond that the same to you and so on.If he stops here,everything is fine then.
I don’t need to know who it is.The problem is
there always is someone that wants to chat with me.Keeping texting without knowing who I’m talking to.
We’d talk about things happened last year and what we did.I'm too embarrassed to ask who it is on earth,
I can only keeping texting,sometimes for hours.But what can I do?
Only to be nice until he stops. Ahhh.


LOL. That's so funny.
See my name?
Go get it

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