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默念独白 1986 m

南京市的一个故事 2013/07/12

language variety: 洪巢片 Hóngcháo江淮官話 Jiānghuái官話 Mandarin漢語系 Sinitic漢藏語系 Sino-Tibetan

location: 南京市 Nánjīng City江苏省 Jiāngsū

uploaded by: kellen 2013/07/12

Hi, everyone Im going to use Nanjing dialect to tell you all a story I want to tell
Uh... when I was young, when I was in elementary school, there were a lot of cicadas (ququ) for sale at the main gate
"Ququ" are referred to as "zhiliao" in Standard Mandarin..... Nanjing...
In the past, summers were very hot, and so the cicadas would chirp like "zhi zhi zhi zhi" after you brought them home with you.
Then, one day, before my grandma went out to buy vegetables
My grandmother said to me: "You have to be good to the cicada!" and I said "I know!"
Then, at that time it was really hot, and I saw how bright the sun was, and I thought, the cicada must be so hot, it must be so hard [for it]
Suddenly I had an idea; I put the cicada in the refrigerator
I put it in the freezer. I thought it could cool off this way, and I was very happy
Then my grandmother came back and started cooking. She was in the middle of cooking, when she suddenly asked: "Eh...?"
\"How is it that I can hear the cicada chirping? Where did it go?\" I told my grandmother cheerfully \"Granny, I was worried that the cicada got too hot so I did it a favor by putting it in the fridge!\"
As you would expect, my grandmother gave a long speech.



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