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赫伯特曹 1993 m

新桥镇的一个故事 2013/08/27

language variety: 上海小片 Shànghǎi太湖片 Tàihú吳語 Wú漢語系 Sinitic漢藏語系 Sino-Tibetan

location: 新桥镇 Xīnqiáozhèn江阴市 Jiāngyīn City无锡市 Wúxī City江苏省 Jiāngsū

uploaded by: kellen 2013/08/27

Today,I would like to talk about my childhood.
When I was little, I lived in a very quiet village
that is located in the south of the Yantze River.My house is surrounded by rivers.
And my grandpa always go out to catch fish.
So I often followed him to go to catch fish.
In our village, there used to be many neighbors make a living for fishing. ng
Almost each family owns a boat.
The boat is very small, we call it xiwangchuan.
In the weekend, I would go boating with my friend in this village.
When summer comes,
there are a lot things that can play, like catching lobsters, fishing, picking waxberries.
picking loquats, swimming, and a lot of interesting things.
I can say that, my childhood is so happy that I cannot forget forever.


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