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佳伟 1986 m

滦南的一个故事 2013/07/12

language variety: 灤昌小片 Luánchāng保唐片 Bǎotáng冀魯官話 Jìlǔ官話 Mandarin漢語系 Sinitic漢藏語系 Sino-Tibetan

location: 滦南县 Luánnánxiàn唐山市 Tángshān City河北省 Héběi

uploaded by: kellen 2013/07/12

Hi everyone! Please allow me to introduce my hometown, Luannan. I’ll speak in our local dialect.
Er, I was born in the beautiful Eastern Hebei plain, Luannan.
Luannan is located to the southeast of Beijing, and is 250 kilometers from Beijing. It lies to the northeast of Tianjin, and is 182 kilometers away from Tianjin.
Luannan is to the southwest of Qinhuangdao City, and is 120 kilometers away from Qinhuangdao. Luannan is to the southeast of Tangshan City, and is 44 kilometers away from Tangshan.
Luannan is located to the south of Yanshan Mountain and to the north of Bohai Sea. Because it lies to the south of Luanhe River, it was called Luannan, which means the south of Luanhe.
Luannan is the birthplace of Pingju Opera. Pingju Opera, shadow puppets playplay and Yueting Drum are three essential elements of the local opera.
Luannan county is a place with beautiful views that nestling under a mountain and near a river, and it has abundant resources.
It is called the hometown of three kind of rice in Jidong plain. The three kind of rice are dried shrimps, white rice and peanut.
Welcome to my hometown, luannan!


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