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南通方言网语料1 1986 male

南通话与日语 2017/03/30

language variety: 江淮官話 Jiānghuái官話 Mandarin漢語系 Sinitic漢藏語系 Sino-Tibetan

location: 崇川区 Chóngchuān District南通市 Nántōng City江苏省 Jiāngsū

uploaded by: lokigao 2017/03/24

有不少外地人, 特別是聽不懂南通話的外地人, 覺猜南通話有時候說快了, 咑下日本話差不很多.
Some non-locals, especially those who do not understand Nantong Chinese, think Nantong Chinese often sounds like Japanese in fast speech.
我舉個例子啊, 比如說 \"鞋子壞, 鞋底先壞.\" 𠵩對? 佫個鞋子要壞的嚯, 佫個鞋底先壞.
Let me give (you) an example, (an example) such as \"a shoe is worn out when its bottom is worn out.\" Right? If a shoe is worn out, its bottom must have been worn out.
說快了是, 佫個, 鞋子壞鞋底先壞. 如果特別是你佫個聲調上再掌握得好點兒, 還是有點兒像.
(If we) speed it up, it then becomes, gaggu(a filler in Nantong Chinese), a shoe is worn out when its bottom is worn out. Especially if you can make the intonation a little better, (it will) sound a little more like (Japanese).
更吶我過去, 也聽到過更吶個故事. 佫個故事可能不少人也聽過的囉.
And, I heard a story long time ago. Many people might have heard this story as well.
就是說有幾個南通人啊, 到外地去戲去, 到外地去戲去唻, 他們看到有個商場, 佫個商場啊叫友誼商場.
(The story) says that a couple of Nantong people traveled out of town. While they were traveling, they saw a department store. The department store was called \"The Friendship Department Store\".
可能要上點兒年紀的人才懂𡂿, 過去佫個友誼商場啊, 特別是七十年代八十年代, 佫個友誼商場是只接待外賓的.
Old timers might know this. The Friendship Department Store in the past, especially in the 70s and 80s, was foreigners-only.
它是不接待中國人的, 為甚事唻? 它有的, 有號東西唻, 比如說進口的囉, 免稅的囉, 佫號東西是不對中國人開放的.
It did not serve Chinese nationals. Why was that? It had stuff that was either imported or duty-free, and (therefore) could not be sold to Chinese nationals.
所以\"友誼商店\", 友誼嘛, 𠵩對? 友誼商店是接待外賓的.
Therefore, (it was called) \"The Friendship Department Store\". \"Friendship\", get it? The Friendship Department Store was only open to foreigners.
所以佫两個人啊, 跑到外地的一個友誼商店門口, 他們也沒䁃, 就想往裡跑.
These two people came to a Friendship Department Store. They did not pay attention (to the name of the sore), and walked directly toward the store.
站住口頭的佫個門衛就把他們攔住了, 說的: 哦, 不好意思, 我們佫個落場啊, 只接待外賓. 請你們到旁的地方轉轉去啵.
The security guard standing outside (the sotre) stopped them, and said: \"oh, I\'m sorry, this place is only open to foreigners. please go and hangout in some other place.\"
更吶一說嘅, 一個南通人對另外一個南通人就說的: \"啊咿嗚呀, 佫個落場, 進去也沒事, 不進去也沒事, 進去不進去都沒事.\"
After hearing the security guard\'s words, one of the Nantong people said to the other: \"well, this place. It doesn\'t matter much to us if we can get it. It doesn\'t matter much to us either if we cannot get it. Getting in or not. It doesn\'t matter much.\"
咦, 佫個保安一聽了下子, 當了他們兩個人是日本侯, 登點兒說:\"哦, 不好意思, 請進, 請進, please, please !\"
YI (a discourse marker), after hearing this, the security guard thought they are Japanese. (The security guard) immediately said: \"oh, I\'m sorry, come in, come in, please, please.\"


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