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浮陇谢 1995 m

乡里纪厝的一条古 2014/07/13

language variety: 潮汕小片 Cháoshàn閩南 Southern Mǐn閩語 Mǐn漢語系 Sinitic漢藏語系 Sino-Tibetan

location: 金平区 Jīnpíngqū汕头市 Shàntóu City广东省 Guǎngdōng

uploaded by: yd永恒 2014/07/13

Hello! Everyone! I’m Lil Xie. I\'m from Swatow. From a village called Pou Leng.
Today I\'m going to tell you a story about the people who set up this village. During that time, there was someone with a house with eight rooms.
He was sixty years old. Although he had daughters, he did not have any sons. His daughters had married out of the village.
Eight-Room Sir moved all his farms and property to where his daughters were, thinking that when he got older there would be nobody to look after him. Even though he did not have a son, he could move there and depend on his daughters for a living.
One day, he went out of his village (to one of his daughters\' house). When it came to afternoon, one of his grandchildren came to the living room and said, \"Ah Gong, time to eat.\"
When Eight-Room Sir heard that, he was very happy. Unfortunately, the grandchild said, \"I\'m calling for the grandfather living with us. You\'re the grandfather from outside. You\'re not the one we\'re calling for.\"
When Eight-Room Sir heard it, the feeling was insufferable. Then afternoon came. As he was on the way home, the more he thought about it, the angrier he became.
As he got on the boat leaving town, he met a nun. According to the custom of the time, he gave up his seat for the nun.
While he was getting up from his seat, the nun said, \"This gentleman here, you look like you have the fortune of having lots of grandchildren at home with you.\"
When Eight-Room Sir heard it he was incensed. He said, \"I\'m over sixty but I don\'t have a son. I just got back from my daughter\'s place.\"
\"My grandchild said I was an outsider. Please don\'t make jokes about me!\"
When the nun heard this, she laughed. She said to him, \"Eh. This time when you get back you are going to have enough children to fill your eight rooms.\" When Eight-Room Sir heard this, he began shaking his head.
\"I\'m over sixty! How can I still have children?\" The nun said, \"When you get back, you will see.\"
Miraculously, Eight-Room Sir really did beget enough children to fill eight rooms when he got home.
After that, everyone began to call him \"Eight-Room Sir\". Great! That\'s all I\'m going to talk about today. Thank you everyone for listening.



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