General Update

Hello. It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve posted, even though I said I’d post every week. The reason I haven’t posted is because there hasn’t been much work done. Other work, unrelated to Phonemica, has come up and taken over much of my otherwise-free time.


I’ve been doing a few small things to improve the site and make sure files were working as needed, but not enough that I felt it needed a blog post. If every week’s post is “I fixed some things”, then that’s not really useful.

So instead what I’m going to do is post less frequently, but still try to make it a regular thing.


I wanted to take a minute and point out some great work on transcripts that’s been done recently. This is one of those things that tends to not be done. It takes time to transcribe and a lot of people would rather just upload and be done. However we have a few people who have recently been going around and writing in transcriptions for the varieties they know. And that’s awesome. We need more of that. So thank you to those people.


We’re also working on getting some more recordings up, but of some language varieties we don’t have up. Looking forward to that, which hopefully we can get done soon. In this case it’s us actually going out and getting the recordings rather than being user-submitted, so it’s all a matter of getting things scheduled.

That’s about it for this update. As usual feel free to let us know if there are things that need to be done, recordings that need to be fixed, UI translations that need to be corrected.

Until next time.