Introducing Weekly Progress Reports

I’ve just returned from 6 months of fieldwork. During that time I didn’t have internet access, so I wasn’t able to do anything to take care of the site.

I’m back now, and starting today I’m instituting a weekly development day. From here on, Sundays will be a dedicated day to work on developing the site, building a mobile app, and fixing the issues that need attention.

Each week I will write a blog post like this one. In that post I’ll be detailing the following:

  1. What has been worked on this past week
  2. What do we hope to work on for the coming week
  3. What the longer term goals for the coming weeks will be

This blog will also be a place you can leave comments if you think there’s something that should be brought to our attention. If you see a recording that is broken or has some other issues, you can comment here to let us know.

I want to make sure things are very transparent so anyone who’s interested can know what’s going on with the site. I know things have been very quiet around here lately. I assure you we haven’t gone away. We just got much busier with other things than we’d planned.

Weekly progress reports are the first step to change that.

13 March 2016



  1. Entries with missing waveform images now have the images
  2. An administrative tool to manually create these stopped working a couple months ago because of a change in the server-side software that we use. That’s been fixed now
  3. Waveforms were not being generated automatically when new stories were added. This is now also corrected, so any story that gets added as of today will no longer be missing the waveform

Broken audio

  1. A number of recordings had broken audio. This was the result of changing servers about 16 months ago. Some files were corrupted or incompletely copied. We have backups of all of these. The problem is just finding them. It takes a lot of time to go in and check them out one by one, but that’s what needs to happen, and that what I’ve been doing today. A number of these have now been fixed, and we’ll keep our eyes open for others.

In Progress:

Mobile APP

Some time ago we had a basic Android app for the site. It didn’t help you upload stories, but it at least let you browse the site and listen to recordings. It’s something we need to have again.

We’re in the early stages of making that happen. I’ve spent some time today working on that, and we’re off to a good start. We should have something in a couple weeks, I think. It’s going to take some time to get all the features in place, but at least for a basic app that will let you browse stories and eventually upload new ones, I think we’re on schedule to have something preliminary ready in 2-3 weeks. However there are a few barriers we need to get past first, so I don’t want to commit to that schedule just yet.

Either way, next week I’ll be able to provide a clearer estimate on that.