Weekly Progress Report #3

Pretty straightforward today. Only a couple small fixes that I found needing attention. Then otherwise I’m continuing work on the Android app.


UI Localisation

The user menu was missing some labels if you were using the site in Chinese. Instead they just showed up as a question mark. That’s been fixed now.

The Korean version of the UI was also missing these items. I’ve put in labels for that, but my Korean is pretty bad so they are probably not the right labels. I’m open to corrections.

In Progress

Mobile app

Still working on the app. I think I’m going to push back my prediction for when I’ll have a basic version up, only because there are a couple issues that still need to be worked out.

Later this week I’m going to give Syz a copy of the app as it is now so he can mess around a bit. We talked yesterday about how to present transcripts. That and the general speaker page is what I’m working on today.