Fixing broken audio

Last year when we changed hosts, some of the audio files on the site became corrupted. For most if not all, I have uncorrupted backups. The problem is really just finding the recordings for which the audio was cut short.

This is one such recording which I previously didn’t know about but discovered today when browsing the site. The audio was cut down to 5 seconds of the original ~30. It’s an easy fix, but it can’t be fixed until I find that it needs it.

I’ll continue to go through the site this week and look for such recordings. I know there are a couple more out there.

If you see others, feel free to comment on this post with a link to the story and I’ll be sure to get to it even quicker than if I’m just wandering on my own.

Also fixed:
“81蓝天”, “劳斯莱斯” & “方泽夫”



在接下来的时间, 我们会继续浏览整个网站尽量去发现这些出了问题的录音。我们估计应该还有一些这样的录音没有被发现和修复。




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